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Tell you how to deal 9-button scratch cards to create many advantages

Scratch card is a card game with rewards that is popular with many players today. When playing, if you want to win, have you often thought about how to deal 9-button scratch cards? This is an extremely effective playing tip, in this article U88 will introduce division and experience so players can easily win.

Overview of information about 9-button scratch cards

9-button scratch card is a popular game with simple rules and extremely fast gameplay. Currently, this game also appears in most countries including Vietnam. Form of entertainment The 9-button scratch card is not limited to participants, but players must ensure that each person receives 3 cards in their hand. 

The way to determine winning or losing in cards will be based on the rules of comparing points with other players or and comparing points with the house. The player whose score is close to or equal to 9 will win and receive the full bet amount. 

How to deal 9-button scratch cards effectively

Some notes for bettors is that this method of play only applies in situations where the table has 5 people, which is 5 hands. After the cards have been dealt, there will be a stack of 15 cards left. When it’s the player’s turn to collect cards, apply the following rule: Discard – Middle – Discard – Top – Bottom. Specifically applied as follows:

  • Discard: Those are the first 3 cards you collect that are unrelated to each other.
  • Middle: That is the next 3 cards, the player should choose the middle card and this is also the card for you in the next game.
  • Above: Take away the top card and be a player’s one card in the next game.
  • Below: The participant takes the last card from the 3 cards and this is also the player’s card for the next game.

Note that you must definitely remember one thing: when choosing a card, remember to turn the card face up to ensure the correct value. Players pay attention to choose the middle, top, and bottom positions of the 3 selected cards to achieve the 9-button Scratch Card after dealing. 

What is the process of handling 9-button scratch cards? 

After the card gathering process is completed, the dealer will proceed with the dealing process. This is the stage that decides whether the 9-button scratch card division is successful or not. Details are as follows:

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  • Gather cards: After finishing a game, players should quickly gather 15 cards according to the formula we shared above and place those cards at the bottom of the deck. Shuffling the cards: This will help participants deceive others so they do not suspect the bettor is using tricks. To do this, you must practice regularly to master the skills and act proficiently.
  • Trading cards: An operation used immediately after the player has finished shuffling the cards. Normally, this step is simply a bet that the player will split the deck in half, so it will not affect the number of cards you have arranged. 
  • Exchanging cards: After chanting the cards, the pile of cards will be placed on the table. At this time, you must skillfully use the card-shuffling technique to be able to bring the pre-arranged cards to the top position.  
  • Dealing cards: Participants should divide the cards equally to each player as usual. After dealing, you should not face the cards immediately but choose the appropriate way to arrange the cards. 

Tips for playing 9-button scratch cards that are easy to win

How to play 9-button scratch card will help players win as follows:

  • Master the gameplay: 

Make sure before you participate in this 9-button Scratch Card game, you must master the game’s mode and how to participate. Once mastered, participants will feel more confident and comfortable during the betting process. This is considered an important factor affecting the win or loss of bettors in that match.

  • Bet wisely:

The way to play 9-button Scratch Cards effectively is to know how to bet. Bettors must know how to consider the amount of money they bet at each appropriate time. If you feel unlucky, you can lower your bet amount or stop.

  • Do not let other players catch cards:

The ultimate way to play 9-button Scratch Cards effectively is to not let your opponent catch your cards. This is considered the deciding factor in winning or losing. Keep your cards and use skills to evaluate your opponent’s cards. 


The above article has shown you how to divide 9-button scratch card very detailed to achieve the highest score when participating. However, when playing this game, risks cannot be avoided, so you need to pay attention and be careful. 

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