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Top 5 Famous Talented Snooker Players in the World

Snooker players are professional players on the tournament table. To be famous as a talented player, you must have many outstanding achievements at major tournaments. Their playing style always makes viewers excited and dramatic in every shot. Follow the article by trang chủ Hi88 homepage We will list 5 famous talents in this subject.

Brief introduction to Snooker

Before providing a list of top snooker players, let’s summarize some information about this sport. Snooker originated in Europe, specifically England. According to documents, the sport appeared around the 13th century. Previously, the sport was played outdoors on the ground and gradually transformed into its current form.

To participate in this sport, you need to use a separate large table, with large and small balls. The game begins, the player must tap the red ball into the hole first, then the other colored balls. The game ends when all the red balls are put into the holes, the colored balls are in order from small to large.

The rules of snooker also stipulate that the minimum foul penalty is 2 points and is added to the opponent. Let’s play so that the more balls in the hole, the higher the score. Players who want to hit the hole must have good technique and calculate the correct angle.

5+ most talented snooker players today

Snooker is becoming increasingly popular with hundreds of tournaments each year. Thousands of players participate in the competition, but if you want to leave a mark in the hearts of fans, you must be truly talented. Check out the top 5 most talented players today.

Ronnie O’Sullivan – Snooker player comes to England

Ronald Antonio O’Sullivan (nicknamed The Rocket) is a professional player born in 1975 from England. He was known as a prodigy of this sport and won many prestigious awards. Outstanding talent, the 7-time world champion is always invincible against all opponents.

Despite his talent, Ronald Antonio O’Sullivan’s personal life is quite complicated. His actions and comments have been repeatedly warned by Snooker management. Currently, snooker players still participate in tournaments regularly. The latest achievement is the world championship title in 2022.

Judd Trump – The player with the highest salary today

The top 2 talented snooker players are named Judd Trump. The player is known as a talented youth who participated in competition quite early and achieved quite a few titles from a young age. Before officially becoming a professional player, he was also an amateur player.

Through many years of competition and experience in small tournaments. Judd Trump’s career really flourished when he won the world championship in 2019. Snooker experts say that Judd Trump is making clear progress and his chances of winning a second championship are not difficult. With his talent, he received a huge salary of up to £1,051,000.

Mark Allen – The most successful snooker player

Mark Allen almost became a professional soccer player before switching to Snooker. The Snooker player from Northern Ireland has a pretty good playing style, putting pressure on his competitors. Although he has no truly outstanding achievements, his talent is undeniable.

Snooker players are eager to win the world championship title in the coming years. Achievements in small tournaments have not made Mark Allen truly satisfied. He is also known as a person with outstanding achievements, with more than 600 century breakthroughs at tournaments.

Luca Brecel – Talented Snooker player who does not wait for age

Luca Brecel was born in 1995 from Belgium and is currently a professional player. Compared to the age of nearly 30, he is considered to have outstanding talent. This is also the first name from mainland Europe to win the 2017 Chinese championship.

With his talent, Luca Brecel’s achievements do not stop there. In 2023, Luca Brecel excellently won the first world billiards championship in his career. Talent does not wait for age, in the coming time, Luca Brecel will definitely break many disciplines of many seniors.
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Mark Anthony Selby – British professional snooker player

The last name on the list of talented snooker players is Mark Anthony Selby. The British professional player officially joined the competition in 1999. To date, Mark Anthony Selby has won the world championship four times. In addition, there are a series of other achievements in small tournaments.

However, recently, sports fans and experts have commented that his performance is declining. If you want to successfully win the championship for the 5th time, you must correct your playing spirit. The currently very talented young players could beat Mark Anthony Selby if the new record is not yet recorded.


Content of the article Hi88 sports has informed the top 5 most talented Snooker players today. These are all professional players with good playing spirit and outstanding achievements. Hopefully the information provided is useful to help you better understand this sport.

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