Why Cyagen’s Humanized Antibodies are the Best Choice for Your Company

Are you in search of the perfect antibodies for your company’s research and development needs? Look no further than Cyagen‘s Humanized antibodies! With their advanced technology and superior quality, they are the top choice for companies worldwide.

What are Humanized Antibodies?

Humanized antibody refers to the recombination of antibody gene by using DNA recombination technology and protein engineering technology, which not only retains the ability of parent antibody to specifically bind antigen, but also reduces the immunogenicity of mouse antibody in human body, and its half-life is obviously prolonged.

Why choose Cyagen’s Humanized Antibodies?

Cyagen’s comprehensive services cover the whole process of model generation: from transgenic/gene targeting strategy design to model development, breeding, cryopreservation and phenotypic analysis. Their CRO service platform provides everything needed for drug discovery and preclinical research, including specialized cell and gene therapy (CGT) treatment fields, such as ophthalmology, immunooncology and neuroscience.


Cyagen’s Humanized antibodies are the best choice for your company because they offer a higher level of specificity and sensitivity than traditional antibodies. This means that they can more easily identify and bind to the target molecule, which is key for ensuring effective treatment. In addition, Humanized antibodies are less likely to cause side effects than traditional antibodies, making them a preferred choice for companies who want to avoid potential problems with toxicity.

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