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Pressing In Soccer How To Escape Effectively According to New88

What is pressing in football? This is a keyword that has a huge search volume and attracts the attention of many people who are passionate about king sports. To help you understand more about this kicking strategy and related information, in the following article Cổng game new88 will summarize and reveal details. Let’s explore together.

Overview of information about Pressing in football?

Pressing is a common term in king sports and is translated from English with a meaning equivalent to “creating pressure”. Pressing style often presses continuously, forcing players to move to steal the ball quickly. The goal is to control the ball and prevent the opponent from counterattacking and is divided into 3 specific types as follows:

Low level Pressing strategy

This form will create strong pressure on the opponent right in their own half of the field to steal the ball. After successfully taking control, the whole team will organize a quick counterattack. This low-range Pressing strategy is often applied by teams with quick defensive and counter-attack strategies.

Low-range pressing is always appreciated because it is safe and solid for the home team. However, participating players need to be fast and flexible to score successfully. According to what Pressing is in football, the strikers used to deploy tactics are usually defensive midfielders or defenders.

Create mid-range pressure

This is the case where the team creates pressure and takes control of the midfield area, not allowing the opponent the opportunity to attack and having full control of the ball movement. Good mid-range pressing is highly appreciated because it ensures good defense and can carry out good attacks.

Strikers playing in the midfield position are often used to implement plans to create mid-range applications. In addition, players ranked in the striker position can play deep and support this strategy. In addition, this experience also helps the team limit cases where opponents can perform dangerous attacks.

What is the height of Pressing in football?

This is the strategy to create maximum pressure right on the opponent’s side of the field during the match. The strikers will be arranged to move forward to make quick attacks and score decisively. In addition, players playing in the central defender position will be promoted to play in the midfield position to take on the task of recovering and defending.

When applying this style of play, the team is required to constantly press close, gain control of the ball quickly and attack continuously. This style of play makes it difficult for opponents to stop and at the same time a goal can be quickly scored if the defense makes a mistake. This strategy is often assigned to attacking midfielders or players playing in the striker position.

What are the conditions for implementing Pressing tactics in football?

This style of play brings good results, making fans feel excited by the beautiful attack. However, to successfully apply the tactic, the team must meet certain conditions such as:

  • The player needs to have good physical strength, especially the ability to move flexibly to perform a quick counterattack. According to New88, physical strength is considered extremely important and determines up to 80% of the chance of success when applying this kicking strategy.
  • The whole team needs to have unity, smooth coordination and apply playing techniques for good control.
  • Read situations quickly, seize opportunities to deploy accurate tactics to score goals for the team.

Advantages and disadvantages of Pressing strategy according to experts

According to New88 shared aboutWhat is pressing in football?, this tactic has the characteristics of a double-edged sword with both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is to help the team quickly control the ball and have an advantage in attacking and scoring goals.
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Besides, the disadvantage of this form makes participating players susceptible to physical deterioration. This is the reason why if you cannot attack quickly, you will have to face the opponent’s comeback.

New88 shares how to avoid Pressing in football?

Similar to the strategy, escape pressing is also of interest and search to many people. Among the effective escape experiences shared by experts, you should specifically note the following:

  • Take advantage of the large number of troops, put all your strength to win the ball to quickly escape danger.
  • Determine the type of attack to come up with an effective suppression strategy.
  • Pass quickly and accurately to teammates to successfully avoid having the ball stolen.

This is one of the important skills all players need to grasp and apply in actual competition. At the same time, the striker is required to have good skills and quick reflexes to limit the chance of scoring a goal for the team.

Above, New88 shared about what Pressing is in football and related interesting information. Hopefully through today’s article, members will understand more about this competition strategy and understand the advantages and disadvantages as well as effective ways to escape.

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