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Streamline Packaging Efficiency with the Pharmapack Unscrambler Machine

When it comes to streamlining packaging processes, the LFUT-08/12 turntable from Pharmapack is an ideal solution. Designed for easy operation, installation, transportation, and low maintenance, this unscrambler machine offers convenience at every step. With adjustable speed and bottle feeding and accumulation functions, it can be tailored to meet various customer requirements. The versatile nature of the LFUT-08/12 turntable allows it to be seamlessly integrated with automatic electric/capsule counters, cappers, sealers, labelers, cartoners, and other machines in the industry, making it a valuable asset in any packaging line.

Enhanced Packaging Line Efficiency

The LFUT-08/12 turntable serves as a crucial component in the overall packaging line. By linking it with other machines, such as electric/capsule counters, cappers, sealers, labelers, and cartoners, you can create a comprehensive and efficient packaging line. The turntable’s bottle feeding and accumulation functions ensure a smooth flow of bottles, reducing bottlenecks and increasing overall productivity. Pharmapack understands the importance of optimizing packaging line efficiency, and their unscrambler machine offers the flexibility and compatibility needed to achieve seamless integration and maximize productivity in your packaging operations.

Convenience and Adaptability

Pharmapack’s LFUT-08/12 turntable not only enhances operational efficiency but also provides convenience and adaptability. The turntable is designed for easy removal and repositioning, allowing for quick adjustments or relocation as per your production needs. Additionally, it can be used with other machines in the industry, making it a versatile asset in various packaging applications. Whether you require bottle feeding, accumulation, or integration with other packaging machines, this unscrambler machine offers the convenience and adaptability you need to optimize your packaging processes.


Pharmapack’s LFUT-08/12 turntable is a reliable and versatile solution for optimizing packaging processes. With its easy operation, installation, and low maintenance, this unscrambler machine simplifies your packaging operations while ensuring flexibility and adaptability. By seamlessly integrating with other machines in the industry, the LFUT-08/12 turntable allows you to create a complete packaging line, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity. Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Pharmapack LFUT-08/12 turntable and take your packaging operations to new heights.

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