Elevating Your Oral Care Experience with the FC3940 by Fly Cat Electrical Co., Ltd.

When it comes to oral care, customization and convenience are key factors in ensuring a comfortable and effective routine. Fly Cat Electrical Co., Ltd. understands this and has designed the FC3940 High (PSI) Water Pressure Oral Irrigator to meet the diverse needs of individuals. In this blog, we will explore two essential features of the FC3940 that contribute to an enhanced oral care experience: its versatile working modes and convenient water tank design. Discover how these elements make the FC3940 a top choice for those seeking a comprehensive oral care solution.

Versatile Working Modes

Every person’s oral care needs are unique, which is why the FC3940 offers three working modes: normal, soft, and massage. This versatility allows users to customize their oral care routine based on their sensitivity levels and preferences. The normal mode provides a standard water pressure suitable for regular cleaning, while the soft mode offers a gentler water pressure for individuals with sensitive gums. The massage mode delivers pulsating water streams to stimulate gum health and promote blood circulation. With these diverse working modes, the FC3940 ensures that users can tailor their oral care routine to achieve optimal comfort and effectiveness.

Convenient Water Tank Design

Maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness is essential for any oral care device, and the FC3940 excels in this regard. Its open water tank design makes disassembly and cleaning a breeze. By allowing easy access to the water tank, users can thoroughly clean and sanitize the device, preventing the buildup of residue and bacteria. This user-friendly feature ensures that the FC3940 remains in optimal condition, providing a hygienic and pleasant oral care experience every time.


When it comes to oral care, customization and ease of use are paramount. Fly Cat Electrical Co., Ltd.’s FC3940 High (PSI) Water Pressure Oral Irrigator excels in these areas. Trust Fly Cat Electrical Co., Ltd. to provide you with a versatile and user-friendly oral irrigator that caters to your individual needs. Take the step toward optimal oral health and experience the difference that the FC3940 can make in your daily routine.

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